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Sandra Locatin

Foreign language training consultant

Professionnal career

I discovered the world of education after studying business. The desire to share and transmit knowledge, always with great kindness, is what I liked in this area and I became Professor of Schools. Strong of this experience and also by passion of the languages and our singular culture, I naturally turned to the teaching of the languages and more particularly the FLE in Guadeloupe. The Caribbean, the Guadeloupean, Caribbean and Caribbean cultures in which we bathe, I could discuss for hours and share with you the many riches of our islands. Because to learn French in Guadeloupe is above all to meet French people with a singular culture. So see you soon!

My profile

French English; English, French … .French, English, Creole, Spanish … This is the linguistic reality of our Caribbean islands: English-speaking, Spanish-speaking islands, some of them French, French-speaking islands a little isolated in this whirlwind of languages, so close and yet so far away … Bringing together languages ​​to bring cultures and peoples closer together, this thought that never leaves me today allows me to give meaning to my job as a trainer in French and English. In the classroom, on a daily basis, I want to make students from all over the world want to discover this singular culture that is ours in the West Indies through the practice of the French language in a benevolent, fun but also conducive to exchanges; and to people who want to train in English, my goal is to show them that the key to success in learning English (and any other language) is just to get started, to have fun with and above all never stop practicing it.

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